Children are navigating way more than we ever did.

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Never has your child been so “connected” yet so alone. For better, for worse, they’re chained to their smart phones; looking for quick answers,  instant gratification, instant friends. Texting has become a way of life leaving social skills to the wayside.

Emotional and psychological health isn’t taught in schools, rather the emphasis is on competition, success and perfection. There’s tremendous outside influence and negative pressure to perform. Previously, your child dealt with a handful of school bullies at best. Now, with Cyber Bullying, many children are struggling with self-esteem issues, sadness, depression and destructive behaviors.

How Will Youth Therapy Help?

Your child may be suffering, often resulting in negative behavior.That inner critic can rear its ugly head in an assortment of behavior, anxiety, communication, and dysfunctional disorders. A child’s perspective can be terribly self critical.  All children are different and rather than feeling shame for their differences, it’s essential that they feel confident in knowing who they are. The whole child-through-adolescent development stage is crucial. At Mind-Body Healing Center, we provide experiential therapeutic techniques to promote psychological healing, growth and transformation.  

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Does your child suffer from social media pressure, academic rigor, family stress, environmental concerns? 

Did you know the suffering that they are feeling manifests as self-destructive behavior or chronic health issues? 

Now more than ever they need help to address the underlying internal issues.

MindBody Poetics is a multidisciplinary methodology which teaches emotional intelligence for adults and children.

We use music, philosophy, somatic therapy techniques, poetry, movement and group support as part of this 4 week program to help raise their consciousness and enable them to express their emotions with ease.

Traditional methods teaching self-awareness emphasize naming your emotions accurately, but lack guidance with what to do with them. How to truly feel and express them requires connection to your body. This is the foundation of the MindBody Poetics program.

MindBody Poetics teaches you to name and understand your feelings, understand yourself in relation to your context, and most importantly what actions you desire to express and how to do that.      

MindBody Poetics 4 Week In-Person Group for Middle School Children


Santa Monica, CA

In this 4 Week Program your child will receive

  • 4 group lessons that help them work through anxiety and other underlying feelings which are causing them inordinate suffering.  

  • Understanding and practicing emotional movement.  

  • Access to composed music and playlists

  • Workbook to help them integrate what you learn within each lesson and continue to use these tools as you finish the program.

  • Ongoing support to continue the learning they received.

  • Program dates1/12, 1/19 2/26 and 2/2 from 4:30 - 6:00pm PST


About Jordan Marks

Jordan Marks, principal therapist at Mind-Body Healing Center, has a Masters degree in counseling (MA) and is a licensed marriage and family therapist (LMFT). He has extensive training in somatic psychotherapy, integrative mental health, attachment work (AEDP), Hakomi, mind-body medicine, couples counseling and child development.  

In addition to his training as a psychotherapist, Jordan is a certified school counselor (PPSC) and has worked in varying school environments with students of all ages. He has experience with special education needs, parent-child interactions, career counseling, school placement and other school related issues.

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"As a songwriter and deep thinker, I can get stuck in my head. I find my greatest access to intuitive, sensual power is movement and dance. This program encourages me to go as wild and weird as I need. At the same time, I feel safe. It has helped me express myself with ease."

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