The art of movement from the inside out

Are You Sitting In Overwhelm?

We help you:

  • Attune to your hidden emotions.
  • Move with embodied awareness.
  • Imagine an inspired life.
  • Express vibrant authenticity.
Who's behind


We are an innovative Health, Wellness, and Self-Growth company creating transformational programs, courses, and products for a rapidly changing world. In addition to our unique combination of music, embodied movement, breathwork, and symbolic language, MindBody Poetics’ method draws influence from Tai Ji, Qigong, Somatic & Poetry Therapy, and Existential Psychology. We believe that imagination is the core competency of all human beings, and that your emotions, when fully felt and moved through your body, are the doorway to transformative change in your life.

Meet the Founders

The Dark &
The Lightning

A Four Week Virtual Program

The Purpose and Power of Embodied Expression

Learn to embody a challenging feeling (the Dark)
and meet it with an illuminating one (the Lightning),
alchemizing them into a state of energized being
from which you can create a more fulfilling and
poetic life.

  • Learn Alchemy Breathing and the MBP
    Element Flows, so you can act from embodied
    motivation instead of stressful drive
  • A multimedia learning experience with 3 full
    video modules, custom workbooks, and secret
    playlists + original MBP music.
  • Over 40 Cinematic videos for learning,
    practicing, and moving from the inside out.
  • Practice Kinetic Language, allowing you to
    feel and express yourself with empowered
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