The Dark & The Lightning

A virtual learning and movement practice to help you transform your anxiety to courage, access your creativity, and feel and express your truth more deeply.

Imagine what your life would look like, if you...

  • Strengthen your creative vision
  • Find rich inspiration in your everyday 
  • Let your body, imagination and intuition guide you to optimal decision making
  • Express your experiences and emotions more powerfully
  • Discover deep insights you already possess
  • Learn to embrace and leverage challenging emotions
  • Relieve stress and move energetic blocks in your body and mind
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Frankie Tan, Artist

"This program has been an invaluable guide in healing through movement practice. The patience, expertise, and compassion, coupled with the rich vocabulary of metaphor through poetry, have helped me deepen my understanding of my internal world & emotions."

Gerald Colbert, Sanitation Administrator/Military Veteran

"As a former soldier I can appreciate the impact of Mindbody Poetics in my life. Having to adjust to the civilian world I was faced with the emotional and psychological barriers most common to soldiers returning from combat and having served. This program helped me as a therapeutic addition to harness my emotional disorders and to cope with the traumas of war. Through the program, I discovered that I had a gift for artistic expression. Today, I continue practicing the valuable elements and am now able to look forward to a more bright and fulfilled future."

Mason C., Student

"This method has taught me how to feel my emotions and to have more courage and confidence. Never before did I understand that my emotions are one of my biggest assets in understanding myself and others. This taught me how to feel feelings in my body, and more importantly what to do with them."

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About the Program

The Dark & The Lightning is an eight phase emotional intelligence and energy movement program.

This program assists you in achieving a mind/body connection through somatic methods, poetic verses, composed music, and emotive movement flows to embody true transformation.

Enroll in the program today, and you will receive access to the following:

Tool Kit

You will learn the tools to utilize breathing exercises, emotional movement, poetic affirmations, and journaling prompts to help you move through each element of the program and transmute your potential energy into action.

The Online Program

4 Weeks of Practical and Applicable Virtual Learning to embody The Dark & The Lightning program.

Access to the Fundamentals of the program, Phase 1 and Phase 2.

In addition to a course workbook, each phase has instructional videos to help you learn the principles, movements, and methods of integration from the MindBody Poetics Facilitators.

Connect with the Community

Each month the founders of the program will host a live zoom community call to help answer your questions, share a new movement, and bring you together with their community.

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Susannah Winspear, Songwriter & UX Designer

"As a songwriter and deep thinker, I can get stuck in my head. I find my greatest access to intuitive, sensual power is movement and dance. This program encourages me to go as wild and weird as I need. At the same time, I feel safe. It has helped me express myself with ease."

This program is perfect for you if...

  • You understand the power of investing in yourself 
  • You are ready to enhance your vitality, emotional intelligence, and mind-body connection.
  • You want to release trapped energy in your body and live in emotionally connected flow.
  • You want to learn somatic techniques and the emotive movements of the MindBodyPoetics Element Flows.
  • You seek to Develop your powers of embodied attention & imagination
  • You want to Enhance your ability to verbally express your emotions, thoughts, feelings and experiences to build deeper relationships with others.
  • You are ready to Breathe into the life you truly desire and stand in inspiration daily.
  • You want to Discover and accept who you are and who you are becoming.
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About MindBody Poetics

We are an innovative Health, Wellness, and Self-Growth company creating transformational programs, courses, and products for a rapidly changing world. In addition to our unique combination of music, embodied movement, breathwork, and symbolic language, MindBody Poetics’ method draws influence from Tai Ji, Qigong, Somatic & Poetry Therapy, and Existential Psychology. We believe that imagination is the core competency of all human beings, and that your emotions, when fully felt and moved through your body, are the doorway to transformative change in your life.

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Your Investment: $499.00 (a $4500 value for this type of facilitation and access to our facilitators)

- 4 Weeks of Applicable Virtual Learning

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+ Access to The Dark & The Lightning Foundations, Phase 1 and Phase 2 Virtual Program

+ Access to Monthly Live Group Calls with the founders of MindBody Poetics to help support you through the learnings of the program.

+ The Dark & The Lightning Workbook, Exercises, Poetry, and Playlists.

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The Dark & The Lightning

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