Couples requires a new set of skills on how to communicate and connect to build a strong foundation. 

Are you looking for intentional couples therapy?

Many couples reach stages in their relationship where they feel as though there is a total breakdown of communication or, as if they no longer look at life from the same viewpoint and have developed different life goals. Worse, many feel as if they’re now living separate lives. Couples therapy is an invaluable resource to help you negotiate the difficulties in your relationship and bring you back to a whole unit.

How Will Couples Therapy Help?

Couples therapy will help both of you unfold the truth of your relationship. As couple’s therapists, we’re committed to working closely with you both to make that happen. You’ll discover the true nature of your relationship, allowing each one of you to personally grow and become more understanding of each other. This in turn strengthens your bond, bringing you closer, forming a more intimate and fulfilling relationship.

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About Jordan Marks

Jordan Marks, principal therapist at Mind-Body Healing Center, has a Masters degree in counseling (MA) and is a licensed marriage and family therapist (LMFT). He has extensive training in somatic psychotherapy, integrative mental health, attachment work (AEDP), Hakomi, mind-body medicine, couples counseling and child development.  

In addition to his training as a psychotherapist, Jordan is a certified school counselor (PPSC) and has worked in varying school environments with students of all ages. He has experience with special education needs, parent-child interactions, career counseling, school placement and other school related issues.

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Additional Therapies

Individual Therapy

We all need undivided attention when it comes to our well being. 1:1 therapy is the best way to gift yourself a space to navigate through uncertainty and find modalities of self care and awareness to help you thrive in your life. 

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Youth Programs

As a parent, it is hard to navigate growth spurts of our children, or help them raise their own self awareness, when we are not skilled in child development. Let us help you, help your child through our different therapeutic programs.

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"As a songwriter and deep thinker, I can get stuck in my head. I find my greatest access to intuitive, sensual power is movement and dance. This program encourages me to go as wild and weird as I need. At the same time, I feel safe. It has helped me express myself with ease."

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